BelMondo: contemporary boldness

Evolving and transforming the company DNA is the starting point of a strong, pivotal development strategy for the BelMondo brand and its collections.

As part of its renewed approach to international markets and new trends in home decor, Bellotti Ezio has created a vibrant, glamorous offering that visits the themes and places of contemporary living. A new brand that complements the classic collection, while drawing inspiration from it and then speaking its own, completely new, multifaceted language.

Thus, BelMondo appears on the international design scene bolstered by a long-standing tradition in manufacturing and craftsmanship, which it moves away from to experiment with textures, decorative details and, above all, lines.

Starting life in 2016, the young brand recaptures and brings right up to date a stylistic theme pursued between the 1960s and 1990s. The finest wood types, metals embellished with bold finishes, classic and modern fabrics complementing or contrasting with each other in products with soft, sinuous contours. And workmanship, which is still done by hand, is reinvented with a more modern vision unafraid of prints and bold textures. Inlay work, with strong textural combinations, is an important feature, as are carvings, appearing here and there in non-traditional finishes, and superb marbles with surprising veins and nuances.

While there are no limits to the variety of materials, decorations and colours, the thread running through this eclectic panorama of furniture is the harmony and the perfect proportions of the designs by the architect Giovanni Luca Ferreri.

This creative palette covers a multitude of furnishing solutions for the entire spectrum of the home. Living rooms, dining rooms, lounge areas and bedrooms pulsate to a rhythm that resonates in the large items – sofas, tables, cabinets, beds, kitchens – and the small – sideboards, coffee tables, console tables, mirrors, bedside tables, dressing tables, to name just some.

The result is an original, recherché setting with a warm, inviting atmosphere, featuring exquisite woodwork perfectly poised between art and design.


 The Appeal of Glamour
BelMondo Catalogue 1 is a homage to the charm of American Art Deco seen through the filter of Italian savoir-faire. Making an appearance are organic forms, like those in the soft and luxurious Palais-Royal living collection; or those in the Ficus collection of tables, a sculpture carved out of wood, evoking nature’s ability to shape matter.

The proposals are marked by an attention to detail and the charm of elegant decor, starting with the Lexington Avenue line, where the warm tones of Canaletto walnut are set off by glossy black lacquer and polychrome wood inlays. The same can be said for the Hotel De Ville bedrooms, dominated by the majestic walk-in wardrobe. Not just a storage system, but a room where beauty is given a specific form: gilt-carved wood-framed mirrors with mother-of-pearl inserts add rhythm and depth. And, of course, the comprehensive offering found in Catalogue 1 includes an office solution. The Majestic collection boasts the elegance of ebony, illuminated by metal inserts and leather-covered details. A study of wood types can also be seen in the Park Avenue collection, where the bedrooms present the most advanced urban style themes found in international cities. Intense rosewood forms the backdrop to softer accents in fabrics and finishes, where once again metals highlight the finesse of every element.


The shape of modernity
Catalogue 3 embodies what BelMondo views as the fulfilment of modernity. A concept that is defined through two furniture ranges covering all areas of the home and sharing a keen focus on opaque and delicate textures.

Every item in the Gea collection draws inspiration from the forms and colours of nature. White Ebony, Ziricote, Canaletto Walnut and Ash mingle with metals and leathers which enhance their qualities. The volumes are lighter, wood, the real protagonist, is more ductile and mouldable, in intertwined configurations and geometries The Dedalo coffee table is emblematic of this line. Its waxed straw top is a nod to the sophisticated designs of Jean Michel Frank and the decorative art of the 1920s and 1930s.

Counterbalancing this is the Delfi collection, whose colours and stories invoke the origins of the richly appealing culture of figurative art. The details in this line are references to Ancient Greek art. So, the reins of the famous Charioteer of Delphi become a theme for a detail in storage units. Classicism is thus transported to the contemporary world in a design vision that softens its features. Precious materials become accessories, tactile and visual comfort are predominant, and the colour palette is vibrant and intense. A new dimension to indulge in.

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