Projects full of personality,
unique and made to measure

Our experience has allowed us to be appreciated for the professionalism, design and production competence in creating customized and tailor-made furnishings for any sector, capable of giving quality and values ​​to spaces to meet all customer needs.

A reality structured to design, produce and set up the most articulated furnishing elements on site thanks to a technical staff able to manage 360​​° projects for both public and private structures, including presidential and government buildings, hotels, restaurants and villas all over the world.

The work of our technical staff starts from the in-depth evaluation of all the technical, functional and aesthetic aspects of the project, continuing with the verification of the feasibility, the choice of materials up to the realization of the furnishings that are pre-assembled and checked for the verification of conformity and suitability for on-site set-up.

Yesterday's style is not forgotten but enhanced, the art of functionality combined with elegance is a subtle game that only some furnishings can create.

An expert interlocutor for turnkey projects

Bellotti Ezio is a reality capable of offering from the project to the final realization furnishings executed as a work of art, following that modus operandi that has distinguished it for over eighty years.

From a first briefing the concept of the space comes to life, approved which is passed to the project; they follow the drafting of the detailed estimate which includes the coordination of the works, the inspections, the artistic direction and the final test after implementation.

This is how from an initial project we arrive at the realization, all with a single competent interlocutor: Bellotti Ezio.

The excellence
of Made in Italy

The art of luxury living


Some of our projects

Boiserie and doors

The Bellotti Ezio boiseries and doors, rigorously Made in Italy, contribute to the creation of exclusive environments, where maximum customization is the basis of the entire project.

The multiple shapes that the panels can take, the use of various types of wood, the numerous lacquers and decorations painted by hand or in gold leaf, offer the possibility of expressing our artisan passion and obtaining a high-level aesthetic result. .

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The entrance area plays a role of considerable importance as it is the first room that presents itself to visitors, therefore it deserves attention and care in the smallest details.

The numerous variants of lacquering, both glossy and satin, opaque or embossed, allow us to satisfy even the most complex needs of our customers.

The excellent materials used, such as walnut, cherry, oak, ebony, ash, maple, are always of first choice, combined and worked in harmony with the architectural space and perfectly inserted in the surrounding context, both classic and contemporary.

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Dining rooms

The Bellotti Ezio dining rooms, rigorously Made in Italy, are made with particular attention to the care of the finishes and details.

Thanks to our consolidated experience, our classic and contemporary collections fit elegantly into the homes of our customers, as well as in the most prestigious buildings.

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Sitting rooms

The design of a furniture is based on the harmony of the whole, which communicates the search for beauty and exclusivity through the choice of materials, sinuous shapes and coherent lines, elegant finishes.

Prestigious fabrics give a timeless elegance to the entire environment.

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An exclusive atmosphere for the night space is a matter of style, yours, which we can interpret and perfect down to the smallest detail, transforming it into an experience for all the senses.

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A Bellotti Ezio project is a journey through the elegance of the home office and the cultural values that distinguish it.

A path made of emotions that are recognized in living the Italian style.

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Without exception, every space in the house deserves attention and care: the spaces of everyday living are furnished with a classic spirit, restoring an atmosphere that enhances the objects by turning them into works of art, because every choice is an indication of the personality of those who live there.

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Walk-in closets

An intimate space, where to keep personal objects of everyday life and where excellence in the art of furniture is manifested, which is the ultimate goal of our company.

The art of knowing how to create environments in which to reflect, where to experience the pleasure of living.

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