Design and Quality

From the project to your home, passing through the most expert craftsmen

The charm of Bellotti Ezio luxury furniture arises from the creativity of our expert designers who know how to interpret the needs of customers, realizing them with great passion. The final project is entrusted to our craftsmen: professionals with decades of experience behind them, capable of giving life to the most particular creations.

Each phase is a fundamental and essential piece for the success of the finished product, from the choice of precious materials to the meticulous decoration.

The choice of materials to embellish the furnishings

The Bellotti Ezio furniture comes to life already in our minds, with its shapes and colors.

Thanks to the rich collection of materials and fabrics, we are able to create our furnishings just as we had imagined them.

Carpentry, the artisan art of woodworking

Born in the Italian design and furniture district, over the years our company has been able to surround itself with experienced and highly competent collaborators in the field of carpentry, an ancient artisan art strongly rooted in our territory.

Deep connoisseurs of wood, our carpenters know how to transform the raw material into real works of art.

Solid wood, the raw material par excellence

Wood is the basic material of all our products. There is no more extraordinary material than wood, which carries with it charm and artistic potential from its rawest stage.

Through our different processes we are able to transform this humble material into something noble, precious and luxurious.

Inlay, an ancient technique

Wood offers infinite processing possibilities including inlay. The expert hands of the cabinetmaker create mosaics capable of restoring superlative designs and decorations.

Games of contrasts and colors, to make our furnishings even more precious.

Precious decorative carvings

As the artisan tradition dictates, our expert carvers work the wood with techniques handed down from generation to generation.

With extreme precision our professionals know how to create intricate carvings, giving life to real masterpieces.

A gesture of care and protection that lasts over time

Polished or lacquered, each Bellotti Ezio piece of furniture is finished with care and precision before moving on to the final stages of processing, to keep its handcrafted characteristics unaltered over time.

The artistic touch, details that make the difference

The attention to the realization of a piece of Bellotti Ezio furniture is the decoration, the artistic touch performed exclusively by hand by our experts.

By airbrush or by hand, our furnishings take on a totally transformed look, becoming unique and unrepeatable pieces.

Padding and stitching made by expert hands

The classic and contemporary Bellotti Ezio upholstered furniture combine prestige with comfort thanks to their sinuous and soft shapes.

The realization of the capitonné work is still done by hand as it once was, the care in the seams, the application of fringes and edges, know how to give an authentic and refined style in any place they are positioned.

Where the furniture comes to life

Every single piece of Bellotti Ezio and BelMondo furniture is checked and assembled to come to life, becoming a tangible reality.


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