The new Essential Classic catalogue pays contemporary homage to classic design

The company rereads a few classics of tradition with a modern allure, in this way giving the Louis 16th style a new interpretation

“A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say”, wrote Italo Calvino in reference to novels. The same concept also applies precisely to furniture. The classic style is a constant source of teaching for craftsmanship and manufacturing, and is an infinite inspiration for the distinct taste devoted to beauty. Thanks to its elegance, period furniture lends itself even to continuous tests on shape, finishings and processing that alter the look but not the essence, so as to be suitable every time for brand-new interpretations while always remaining faithful to itself.

 The new Bellotti Ezio “Essential Classic” catalogue follows in this wake. This collection of products, along with a range of accessories, offers an original view of the Louis 16th style.

 The name itself, “Essential Classic”, reveals the authentic nature of its interior offerings. The DNA of the Bellotti Ezio collections is still the leitmotif of this new compositional scenography, but the covering is unexpected, fresh and renewed. Steps were taken to simplify profiles and use colour wisely: therefore, the shapes are now softened and the colours are greatly fashionable.

 The upholsteries come from a selection of velvets featuring marble hues, herringbone weaves, furs, Treviara jacquard fabrics, lurex inserts, and also floral decorations and medallion designs typical of the classic period, toned down by the nuances.

 Then, the new finishes play a key role in this furnishing project. The result of the company’s in-depth research combined with a century-old know-how of craftsmanship, special finishes that give extraordinary visual effects have been specially created for the project. One example is the matt walnut with meringue coated gold leaf, the brushed gold on meringue background, the lacquered finish brushed with French tempera (a particular sustainable water-base finish) in the shade of meringue with gold inserts. And to finish, there is the chic gold, a matt finish originating from the classic gold leaf but brushed in meringue for a modernised effect.

 These finishes take their place on a range of complete furnishings for the entire residential scene. They start from the sitting area with sofas and armchairs that are the key elements to create welcoming and intimate conversation corners, accompanied by the functionality of tables with elegant Calacatta marble tops. The dining area revolves around the rich round dining table, an authentic synthesis of the manufacturing and creative art of the company, which decorated the top with a sophisticated floral inlay that mixes different woods. In fact, black walnut fillets, amaranth and maple flowers and shaded black walnut leaves are inserted in the ash top to create a bucolic riot of craftsmanship. Padded chairs and head chairs and a tall cabinet stand alongside this masterpiece.

 The night area also takes part in this concert of style, with the double bed featuring a wide padded headboard upholstered in a jacquard with neutral shades, in harmony with the soft finishes of nightstands, chest of drawers, low table and mirror which are counterbalanced by, on the other hand, the bright hues of the armchair and bench upholstered in a fabric with lurex inserts.

 Bellotti Ezio with its “Essential Classic” once again displays not only the timelessness its collections and of its style, but also its incessant research always aimed at innovation, confident of its roots and expertise that make every product a work of art.

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