The infinite beauty of the classic style

The secret of the classics is their timeless beauty that knows no time, geography or trends. They are marked by aesthetic standards and a legacy of values that never lose potency. Anything but. They become richer from one generation to the next, touched by new approaches and fresh comparisons.

This is what is happening to Bellotti Ezio collections. The supreme craftsmanship, refinement and precision, achieved entirely by hand, are still what define every product in the company’s extensive repertoire of furniture style. Today, exactly as it was in its beginnings some 90 years ago. 

Three generations later, Bellotti Ezio is turning its attention and its strategies to the classics, a sector that is more pure and more authentic, by spotlighting the enduring yet always current value that is so loved by those who appreciate Italian workmanship.

That is the goal of Donatella and Federica Bellotti, the third generation now at the helm of Bellotti Ezio. By redefining the family business, they have retained its strong link with the identity and traditions of the manufacturing area in which the company has always operated.

The innovations that Donatella has introduced to running the company, together with Federica’s modern vision of style have led to a catalogue of classic furniture that converses fluently with the ways and needs of contemporary living.


From solid wood to the art of furniture
Within the historic headquarters in Cabiate (in the district of Brianza near Como), the concept of cabinet making is given full reign. The art of woodworking comes to life in the expert hands of craftsmen who mould and work solid wood, the most natural material, to create well-tailored works of artistry. Masters at wood carving and inlay refine the furniture – whether it’s the tiniest chair or the grandest wooden panelling – that goes on stage in homes. The raw material is given special details and finishes, the best known being precious gold leaf. But there is also a careful dialogue of textures, where each element declaims the maximum potential of its form and style.

Donatella and Federica Bellotti are taking classic furniture to the next level, where workmanship meets experimentation, where the historic meets the contemporary and where tradition is renewed in spirit and converses with the present. And this means presenting bold combinations, introducing new fabrics and finishes, reinterpreting the classics, mixing styles. It also means staying true to the DNA that has made the company a leading player in the Italian furniture sector.

The immediate results are in the latest Platinum IV catalogue, a compendium of Bellotti Ezio know-how for every living space, which showcases a wealth of furnishing ideas and highlights the extreme quality of every piece, based on a new, more original, more agile reading of furniture in style.


 Sartorial excellence in design
If every product is a tangible mark of the enduring savoir-faire of Bellotti Ezio, the world of the project design is the theatre where it gives its best performance.

The artisanal soul of every piece of furniture has enabled the company to become the got-to place for professionals and customers seeking a sense of uniqueness for their creations and homes. As if painting on a white canvas, Bellotti Ezio creates custom solutions, that are complete and can be tailored to the wishes of those who will use them.

The company’s sartorial spirit is seen in its flexibility, in the comprehensive service provided through all the design phases and even afterwards, in the way it guides clients in the choice of materials and furnishings, in the attention it gives to every aspect of installation and assembly.

This is how residential and hospitality projects come to life, how immaculate corporate or government offices become a stage where nothing is left to chance.

The most striking and accomplished example of this expertise is a Villa that became an important case study: more than 1200 m2 of wood panelling over 3 floors in 14 different rooms, including bar, kitchen, billiard room, wine cellar, dressing room, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room, cinema, not to mention 2 suites, a hall and an attic. Demonstrating the established excellence of Bellotti Ezio, in perfect neoclassical style.

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