Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024, a gentle softness defines the third chapter of the Bellotti Ezio Cromie Collection

Il soft touch of the 2024 Cromie Collection

A gentle softness defines the third chapter of the Bellotti Ezio Cromie Collection, a rejoicing of shades of the colours Peach and Meringue.

Bellotti Ezio once again confirms its participation at the Salone del Mobile.Milano and will display its latest innovations with an atmosphere-filled range of furniture inspired by French neoclassicism. It is a rejoicing of floral patterns, pastels and soft shapes that define the common thread linking the new products of the 2024 Cromie Collection. The company’s classic essence - resulting from strong know-how founded on fine craftsmanship, deep-rooted in the Brianza district where the company is located - is enveloped in elegant and sophisticated furnishing solutions, therefore consistent with the typical Bellotti Ezio style. However, design, finishes and nuances are revived in a new guise thanks to a contemporary, lighter and multicoloured interpretation in harmony with the stylistic vision that defines the Cromie Collection - the “in progress” project of Bellotti Ezio commenced two years ago, which associates the company’s design evolution with new, more fascinating colour combinations. 
Initially Anice and Mandarin, then Lotus Green and Anemone Blue. Now it’s Peach and Meringue’s turn, the palette that connotes the brand’s new ideas and gives that sophisticated and at the same time gentle touch to the furniture using finishes and upholsteries such as to create a sensory universe where we find serenity and comfort, where we can let ourselves be rocked during a highly imaginative journey that brings to mind the wonderful atmosphere of Versailles. Once again, the concept is by Laura Cazzaniga and Ilaria Limonta, who continue to collaborate in the company’s creative coordination.

A dream-like setting – The architecture of the exhibition space of Bellotti Ezio at the Salone del Mobile is a balanced interplay of cross-references between past and present, between different design spaces, and between sensory effects and chiaroscuro dichotomies.
The stand, in fact, looks like a snapshot of the French court on the outside. We get a glimpse of this borrowed photo through the soft drapery defining the three open sides of the stand, a print on fabric taken from a lithograph dated 1844 and depicting the sumptuous marble stairway of the palace of Versailles. In the shades of pomegranate, of an enveloping warmth, the walls then become soft and transparent with a “peekaboo” effect, an echo of the lightness breathed inside. The fourth wall is instead entirely covered by wallpaper reproducing a classic boiserie, offering itself in this way as an innovative solution for decorating vertical surfaces. The company made the drawing specially for this purpose, and it emerges with a 3D effect to the touch.

The queen’s apartments - The new collections are arranged to recreate a residential environment complete in its convivial and intimate spaces. On the background are soft and pale nuances with pink accents and hand-made floral decorations, with the exception of the entry boudoir with its rich pink palette that creates an immersion into the feminine dimension. Gold leaf is there as well, but it is softened by the duller and more refined “chic gold” finish. What comes to mind is Marie Antoinette’s apartments at Versailles, the queen’s “refuge” that reflected her style and exclusiveness. In fact, the new collection follows this ephemeral and joyful sophistication. Making a direct reference to the queen’s residence is the boudoir, imagined by Bellotti Ezio as a space for femininity, a place for becoming regenerated and for looking after oneself. The heart of this corner is a sofa upholstered with damask fabric and presented with the new stripped gold leaf on meringue white background finish. It stands next to three coffee tables made with the new finishes and having different tops: wood, antiqued mirror and Portugal pink marble. Completing this paradisiacal corner is a large and richly engraved mirror, made as a single piece.

After stepping over the threshold, the scene opens onto the living area and its comfortable reception. Spotlighted is a composition with three-seater sofas fully padded and upholstered in a snow-white damask fabric in the shade of meringue white. What emphasises them are the modern line and touches of the pomegranate nuance found in the fringe and trim outlining their structure, and the proposal of decorative pillows embroidered with floral decorations on natural linen weaves. The composition is then enriched by two high-back Bergère armchairs in Louis XV style, distinguished by a double finish: they are upholstered in a micro-dappled fabric on the interior, and in braided print suede on the exterior. There are plenty of practical and functional accompanying small tables in the round and rectangular models, with inlaid surface (with a floral pattern similar to the same one in the dining room) and with a Portugal pink marble surface, respectively.

Close by we find the dining room, which takes up the same shades and allure again. Delicate weaves are seen on the Louis XV chairs accompanying the table, presented with and without arm rests. The fabric echoes the finish of the chic gold structure.
Attention then shifts to the large, completely hand-made, decoration of the surface of the large dining table (270 cm long). Peonies painted with shades of pink, peach and white line up on the tabletop in a specular position to pay homage to the flower that the Queen of France loved so much.
Added carved complements displaying the company’s manufacturing craftsmanship are all around it: from the console and large mirror in chic gold to the credenza in lacquered meringue white finish with doors made of white rattan cane webbing, whose weave emulates that of fabrics but has a more pronounced texture. This covering returns in the backboard of the glass cabinet, this time proposed in the chic gold version that is enhanced by the internal lighting making its hues respond.

 Counterbalancing the whiteness of the living areas is the bedroom that leads to a warmer and snugger dimension generated by the many shades of peach of the coverings. Starting from the elegant damask fabric (in linen, viscose and silk) framed by the carved headboard and with chic gold finish to the decorative Mongolia pillows and linen duvet at the foot of the bed. The same palette returns to upholster also the lounger with pastoral and floral shades and the small armchair paired with the writing table that at the same time serves as a dressing table. The space is then cadenced by the finishes of the different furnishing elements. If night stands, large mirror and small armchair all have a chic gold finish, the chest of drawers, dressing table and lounger are defined by the lacquered meringue white finish.

Bellotti Ezio has created a new world of style for furnishing modern interiors with the 2024 Cromie Collection, where the artisan artistry of generations-old expertise meets with creativity and contemporary freshness. The result is a versatile furniture selection marked by sophisticated appeal unlike any other.

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