Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023, the stylistic evolution of Bellotti Ezio through the colours

At the Salone del Mobile.Milano the company has written a new chapter in the Cromie Collection.

The nuances of nature accompany Bellotti Ezio at Salone del Mobile.Milano. The company has confirmed it will be taking part in the event for what is now approaching the 60th year running, with a stand telling the story of its stylistic evolution through colour.

The new Cromie Collection by Bellotti Ezio reinterprets the traditional standards of skilled furniture craftsmanship through softer forms, a lighter touch, and more nuanced style.
Cromie Collection is a “project in the making”, which made its debut last year with an exhibition space, and products, fabrics and finishes dressed in the tones of Anice and Mandarino, to the delight of the public and professionals. Now, two new tones, inspired by contemporary interior trends, define the new entries for 2023: Lotus green and Anemone blue. The stand and the furnishings are wrapped in these two intense colours, recreating an elegant, sometimes dreamlike, atmosphere: natural elements seem to pervade the space, becoming more intense as you get to the heart of the exhibition, the ideal “winter garden”.

The concept is the brainchild of Laura Cazzaniga and Ilaria Limonta who are continuing their collaboration in the creative coordination of the company, alongside Art Director Martina Bartoli.


Cromie Collection 2023

Entering the stand, your eyes are immediately drawn to the Ficus table in the living area. Made of solid lime, its base has been fluidly carved like a work of art. It’s the only piece in the display space that is signed BelMondo, the brand in the Bellotti Ezio family with the modern character. The Ficus table/sculpture finds new expression with the pink Sakura finish, on the base and the glass top alike, an evocative nod to Japanese cherry blossom. Accompanying it are two chairs with Vienna straw work backrests, proof that the company’s twin souls, the classic and the most contemporary, come together harmoniously to give life to original, complementary furnishing solutions.


Next to the convivial corner showcasing Ficus is a living space, where the colour theme is Lotus green. The embroidered three-seater sofa, the two solid-colour armchairs, the marble coffee table in the centre all make reference to this tone, which softens the dominant Louis XV style of the furnishings. The carved wood in the raised structures of upholstered pieces and tables is thus made lighter and more modern by its juxtaposition with harmonious finishes and fabrics.  A choice that is not only aesthetic, but also hides a strong attention to sustainability, a theme dear to the company and increasingly decisive in its production choices. Through the Loto green finish, in fact, Bellotti Ezio introduces French lacquering, a finish close to the ecological approach to furniture: a transparent water base is initially applied to the solid wood structure, then a water-based acrylic tempera; followed by the processes of natural wax coating and brushing to give an antique effect to the product.


Contrasting with this, in the opposite part of the stand, a second living space is immersed in the tones of Anemone blue. The elegant palette colours the living room and the matching dining room: the sofa is covered in soft blue fur, and the dining table, the sideboard and the TV cabinet all display the same distinctive workmanship, featuring inlays in blue and grey wood and mother of pearl. Completing this setting is a small glass cabinet with matt blue lacquered wood structure. The forms of the furniture pieces and seating are deliberately soft and curved, in harmony with the restful atmosphere of the composition.


In the centre, between the two living spaces on either side of the stand, is the bedroom, surrounded by vertical brise soleil concealing, though not completely, the double bedroom. This creates an intimate space, an ideal that is accentuated by the architecture, but also by the tones of Lotus green. It’s an immersion into the serenity of nature, a “winter garden” within the home where you can relax and recharge.

Featuring an embroidered headboard, curved like a hug, the bed is accompanied by bedside tables and a dresser, all with back-painted glass tops (again, green) and green and mother-of-pearl diamond inlays, on light, natural coloured wood base structures. Here, the ancient savoir-faire of Bellotti Ezio is expressed through stylistic and decorative choices that demonstrate how tradition can coexist with the contemporary without losing its sophistication. Confirming this is the dressing table/vanity desk with incorporated mirror, a unique piece that adds character to the setting thanks to rich inlay work.

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