BelMondo Reloaded: a journey between destination

The new BelMondo catalogue is a journey with several destinations, where furniture interprets the different cultures, styles, atmospheres it encounters. The mark of contemporary elegance.

 A journey around the world encountering different cities, cultures, and natural and architectural inspirations. The new BelMondo Reloaded catalogue is the perfect travel companion for discovering hidden territories, both geographically and in terms of design. The new collections go beyond the brand’s traditional style boundaries to speak a new language. These latest furniture landscapes have an international, contemporary dimension that favours the changing needs and tastes of modern, current living.

 The inspiration is the world itself, with its vibrant, forward-leaning metropolises and its spellbinding natural landscapes. BelMondo furniture translates this innovation, this essentiality, this experimentalism and this naturalness into complete collections that include living rooms and bedrooms, dining rooms and lounge spaces. At all latitudes, BelMondo’s offerings are rich and stylistically diverse, yet at the same time linked by the common denominators of elegance, form, materials and textures.

 Como, New York, Dubai, Shanghai, Lugano, Paris. With each city comes a different atmosphere that makes us feel citizens of the world, yet completely at home. The distinguishing features of these places are alive within the furniture: moderation, imagination, tradition, innovation, nature, charm. BelMondo makes these universal values its own and articulates them in a collection marked by linearity, balance and texturality.

 This is BelMondo’s return to the international scene, with a new creative verve, but, as always, rooted in the history of Bellotti Ezio. A solid bond with the founding company that is a guarantee of quality and craftsmanship. The new BelMondo Reloaded catalogue represents the brand’s reinvention to stay current, while remaining true to its origins as an icon of style.

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