Donatella Bellotti’s interview on IFDM

Donatella Bellotti, representing the third generation leading Bellotti Ezio company, introduces the new collections presented at “Salone del Mobile”.

Two brands, Bellotti and Bel Mondo, two different souls, classic and contemporary, yet with the unique identity characterising Bellotti Ezio whole production, made of exclusive features, details and finishes, which can be created only by a skilled craftsmanship deeply rooted in the Italian fine art of cabinetmaking.

GEA is the new Bel Mondo line, i.e. the contemporary furniture brand by Bellotti Ezio inspired by the Nordic tradition perfectly combining with the wisdom of our cabinetmaking tradition.

The new classic collection includes a carved living room, with an extremely refined, brand new lacquered finishing and matching high quality textiles, a chestnut briarwood living room with glass showcases, a sideboard and a TV stand, a new finely hand-carved Louis XVI style bed with chest of drawers, a bedside table and an essence dressing table finely inlaid on white maple background.

The collection is completed with a cabinet, an extremely faithful reproduction of an original piece dating back to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

Discover all details – Video Salone del Mobile 2018

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