Bridge: Belmondo's new modern and versatile sofa

An upholstered furniture capsule collection with which style and function connections are created.

Its name is Bridge and it is Belmondo’s new system of sofas. The name says everything about its concept: an extraordinary ability to create harmonious connections in terms of style, function and relationships.
Resulting from the joint collaboration between the company and the designer Martina Bartoli, Bridge is indeed characterised by an extremely linear and rigorous modern design able to connect with many different furnishing styles. It fluidly fits into contemporary and minimalist rooms, and in the same way relates with more classic and sophisticated settings thanks to the common vocation for elegance and search for the highest quality.
Islands offering comfort spring to life from multiple combinations of its modular elements: two- or three-seat sofas, corner sofas, sofas with peninsula and chaise longues. The thin frame of the structure holds the voluminous padding of the seat and serves as support for the soft back made up by feather cushions. Supported by slender feet, the base is slightly raised off the ground to exalt the longitudinal appeal of this system that opens to extensive design horizons. Adding to this ideal are the accessory tables that can be integrated with the upholstered modules, thus marking the rhythm of the composition of solids and voids. They form an exquisite aesthetic as well as practical detail, as they turn into convenient tabletops when the need arises.
Bridge’s nature in uniting therefore a variety of aesthetic expressions and functions is its key feature. Its combination of materials is just as balanced. The upholstery in Torri Lana fabric (viscose, linen and cotton blend) pairs with the leather trim with which the base can be upholstered, the marble of the tables and the stained solid beech of the feet.
Bridge thus becomes the hub of the living room and everyday life at home as it embraces a world of rituals, relationships and experiences.

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