Bellotti Ezio presents the new Cromie catalogue Vol. III

The historic Castle of Agliè, on the outskirts of Turin, becomes the ideal setting for Bellotti Ezio's new narrative of living, balanced between refined style and sensorial comfort.

Each Bellotti Ezio collection, and each resulting catalogue, is part of a narrative of style and savoir-faire that evolves over time with harmonious consistency and continuity. Colour - in its refined and warm shades - is in fact the leitmotif of the company's offerings, year after year. This search for nuances that are always original and always sophisticated characterises and identifies a precise mood that accompanies the new products. First there was Mandarin and Anise, followed by Lotus Green and Anemone Blue. Now it is the turn of Peach and Meringue, a combination that is both delicate and enveloping at the same time, which refers to a style concept of extreme softness and melodiousness.


To present the new 2024 Cromie Collection, Bellotti Ezio - under the artistic direction of Laura Cazzaniga and Ilaria Limonta - has chosen an exceptional theatre, an equally refined and immersive setting, in tune with its interior design. It is at Castle of Agliè, a regal residence on the outskirts of Turin, where Bellotti Ezio's narrative of living is staged. Seven centuries of history come alive amidst the arches, frescoes and decorations that punctuate the sumptuous architecture, whose rooms still echo the Savoy influence and the romantic charm of a noble past. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as the Residences of the House of Savoy in Piedmont, the castle is today the result of a sum of different styles that have shaped it over time and of which there is still marvellous evidence today. From the original furnishings, architectural references and archaeological finds to the immense gardens with centuries-old plants, everything points to a glorious celebration of history and timeless beauty.


This heritage and ideal of timeless elegance is perfectly matched by the Cromie Collection that takes its place here, among the spacious rooms, the patio and the corridors, in a riot of delicate tones and sensory experiences. The collection is indeed arranged to recreate a complete residential environment in its convivial and intimate spaces: living and relaxation areas, dining and sleeping areas open up to a world of refined comfort through the large furnishing elements and a rich constellation of accessories that express the company's profound craftsmanship in small volumes.

If the Peach nuances are a riot of soft and silky sensations - painting fabrics, upholstery and finishes in plain colours and even more so in tone-on-tone combinations, up to the most colourful bucolic and floral decors - the Meringue nuance is an accomplished demonstration of the brand's ability to mould wood with creative strength. Original, rich in nuances and never the same, Meringue is the finish that enhances furnishings in its authentic originality or in combination with mirrored inserts, wicker weaves and matt gold finishes, in a discreet and graceful praise of classicism.

In this synergetic dialogue between architecture and interior design, we find a hymn to lightness, seen as palpable serenity, a soft comfort that cradles and reassures.

©MiC – DRM Piemonte

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