Bellotti Ezio presents CROMIE

At the Milan Salone del Mobile.Milano Bellotti Ezio will preview the new CROMIE collection in an installation evocative of the company’s new, fresh, vibrant atmosphere.

The air is pulsating with fresh, vibrant energy. It pervades the entire installation and, indeed, the company itself. Bellotti Ezio is returning to the stage of the Salone del Mobile, making its 60th consecutive appearance at the show. It will be another opportunity to meet the admirers of the brand’s high-quality design and consolidate relationships, but more than anything else it will be the perfect time to unveil its new identity.

In fact, over the last year, Bellotti Ezio has worked behind the scenes to take the company to the next level, by bringing the values of innovation and technology to its organisation and production. Starting at the top with the management structure, this evolution has taken hold in every department and even the products themselves.

Firmly rooted in the history and traditions of their local area, sisters Donatella and Federica Bellotti have taken over the reins of the family business, bringing a bold, fresh and decidedly feminine vision that is clearly apparent in the new collection CROMIE, which perfectly reflects the new direction of Bellotti Ezio.

The classic style the company is known and appreciated for across the world remains, only it is reinterpreted using a language to meet current needs and trends, a balance blend of tradition and innovation, past and present, pure craftsmanship and technology. The authentic beauty of classic style immersed in contemporary design, for surprising and fascinating results.


Classic architecture, modern settings.

This is the spirit of the Bellotti Ezio installation at the Salone del Mobile. A decidedly theatrical visual and emotional impact, produced by Laura Cazzaniga and Ilaria Limonta – a new creative collaboration coordinated by Federica Bellotti.

A series of arches form an ethereal perimeter perfectly framing the stand, while ensuring it is clearly visible from the outside and above all accessible: an architectural device inspired by the principles of openness, interaction, dialogue between spaces. Through these portals rush the new tones of Anice and Mandarino, aniseed and mandarin. And these two nuances dictate the style and the rhythm of the setting, designed as if it were an elegant suite.

From the expanses of wallpaper to the carpet printed specially for the company, the textiles chosen for the upholstery and the finishes on the furniture, a rainbow of nuanced shades intermingle with the two dominant colours.

The goal of freshness and modernity is thus achieved, carefully blending with the style motifs that are dear to the company. We see the classic touches of brocade or damask, but also the revolutionary mixing of different influences and styles, in a never-before-seen union that becomes a new driving force.


Double colour suite

A living room with lounge area, a dining area and a bedroom. This composition dedicated to the new CROMIE collection epitomises the manufacturing prowess of Bellotti Ezio. All the products, from the larger pieces to the constellation of accessories, are new proposals, designed with traditional craftsmanship and softened in the details. Just like the upholstery. This specific choice stems from the creative mind of designer Martina Bartoli, who steered the company towards a more modern, more inviting style.

So the sofas designed by Laura Cazzaniga and Ilaria Limonta that dominate the living room area have soft curvy lines and are upholstered in soft velvet. Upholstery is another area in which the company has experimented, for example with the use of linen for armchairs, which are then combined with coffee tables with a warm honey onyx. Tones of mandarin are also seen in the finishes of the surrounding furniture, including sideboards, enhancing the delicate carvings in the solid wood, and combined with Silver Gold finishes.

A new floral inlay is the fil rouge of the table, sideboard and display case in the dining room. The motif is reproduced from a piece of embroidery found in a historical document in a London museum archive.

Still in the living room, the main wall is a hiding place for a safe, a solution for which the company combines extreme technology with a bespoke approach.

The concept for the bedroom steeped in tones of aniseed comes from “a thousand and one nights”.  Chest of drawers, bedside table and dressing table are decorated in a new floral sequence, enhanced by a new finish (chipped matt paint), in sky blue and champagne gold.


Crowning the entire design is an element that recalls the company’s heritage and history: a Stipo, not only an item of furniture, but also a piece of art, entirely inlaid and brought back to life thanks to a special paint that enhances the naturalness of the materials. The stand revolves around it, recalling the past that is ever present, which guides and drives the company. 

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