Modern Luxury Furniture

Atmospheres and art in luxury modern furniture


Bel Mondo is Bellotti Ezio brand dedicated to modern luxury furniture, deriving from our company consolidated experience.

The new lines, inspired by the essence of the modern and enriched in the emphasis of the contemporary, are born under Architect Giovanni Luca Ferreri’s artistic direction and design and represent the continuity of a stylistic pathway started by the company in the 1960s and 1990s.

BEL MONDO - Contemporary Feel Collection


The Contemporary Feel collection, designed by architect Giovanni Luca Ferreri in cooperation with Ezio Bellotti Arredamenti, revisits the themes and places of the Contemporary.

Shapes and decorative details are combined to create furnishing expressing a personal point of view within the Italian style scenery all over the world.

Every single line of our new collection prefigures an original and refined home living space.

Wood, in all its precious essences, metals, with its enhancing finishings, classic and contemporary textiles, are matched to create contrast or harmony, thus giving life to new lines.

BEL MONDO - Delfi - Collection


The new Delfi Collection is inspired by the atmospheres and the shapes of the Mediterranean. Colours and stories narrating the origins of a figurative culture rich of fascination, inspired by the nature of the places and their histories.

The details of our new Delfi collection show a cross-reference to the Hellenic art and culture. A continuous comparison between the Classic and the Contemporary expressed by the shapes of our pieces of furniture.

The creation process of our modern luxury furniture

The still artisan creation process of Bel Mondo modern luxury furniture allows us to make every single piece of furniture unique, thus enhancing the home living space in which it is located.

Our structure is able to design home living spaces according to our customers’ requests with originality and taking inspiration from the stylistic and cultural context.

The typical made in Italy behaviour is combined with the experiences that have led our company to our current position.

We are constantly looking for creative solutions to satisfy the most exclusive clientele.