Classic doors

Classic interior doors


Bellotti Ezio classic interior doors are not only functional components but precious and luxury elements enhancing all living spaces.




Classic interior doors - example

Art. 9510 – Elegant double lacquered door, with carvings and gold elements, opening on a large room.


Classic interior doors - single

Art. 9511 – Single lacquered room with carvings and gold elements.

Classic interior doors - double

Art. 9572 – Luxury ash wood double door with briarwood panels and Zebrano border, in an elegant environment.

Classic interior doors white and gold

Art. 9510 – Double interior door, very simple but elegant, with uncarved panels, lacquered, with gold threads

Classic interior doors materials and finishings

Our doors complete the most elegant living spaces, not only separating rooms but perfectly fitting into the furnishings. Whether single or double, sober or richly decorated, they are always an important element to enhance the luxury of every living space.

The precious wood essences, skilfully combined by our craftsmen, and the lacquered finishings, with refined antiqued gold and silver leaf, meet the classic taste of luxury and tradition lovers.