Wood Panelling

Wood panelling and doors, for an exclusively personalized home

All Bellotti Ezio wood panelling, doors and ceilings are carried out exclusively by design, according to our Customers’ specific needs and to the spaces they wish to decorate.

Thanks to our artisan skills, rooted in the finest art of Italian cabinetmaking, we are able to design every kind of wood paneling, using exclusively highest quality finishes and excellent materials, combined and worked in harmony with the architectural space and the surrounding context.

Through our creation of niches, bookcases, pilaster strips and pieces of furniture, we give life to the rooms, making your homes really unique.

Our designs allow us to satisfy our Customers’ requirements, as well as to complete every kind of room, putting next to the wood paneling ceilings, bookcases, doors and floors integrated in a single space. Our craftsmen are able to personalize every single detail, according to our Customers’ specific needs and requirements.

boiserie di lusso

Art. 9500 – Luxury wood panelling with hand painted lacquered panels with gold leaf details

boiserie classiche di lusso

Art. 9530  – Luxury classic wood panelling with columns and capitals, lacquered with gold details

porte boiserie

Art. 715  – Luxury door carved with friezes for interiors, lacquered finishing

pannelli per boiserie

Art. 9550 – Panels for classic wood panelling, with briarwood bookcases and doors with inlays

Classic briarwood door

Art. 9558 – Classic briarwood door with inlays, built-in a wood panelling

wood coffered ceiling

Art. 9555 – Artisan-made wood coffered ceiling


Materials and finishes of our wood panelling

Thanks to the experience gained throughout the years, we have tried out the widest and most varied typologies of materials and finishes. Therefore, we are able to satisfy even the most complex requirements, guaranteeing, at the same time, a top-quality final product.

Our production is carried out with different types of wood, such as cherry wood, walnut, mahogany, durmast, rosewood and different types of briarwood. Inlay ornaments or different kinds of inlays are used to adorn the single pieces.

We propose various kinds of finishes, from shiny bright to satin, while lacquering are carried out in all RAL colours, from glossy lacquered or with hand-made decorations. This procedure allows to obtain a final product which is an eternal masterpiece, able to live through the decades without any kind of problem. It is also possible to choose particular decorations which are masterfully carried out by the expert hands of our woodworkers, woodcarvers or inlayers.

Our team is made up of technicians and interior designers able to imagine, design and follow the constructive process, up to the creation and realization of the work, both on our models and on our customer’s designs. For this reason, designers will be able to obtain a perfect final effect, whatever the requirements or the difficulties they’ll have to face will be.

We consider luxury as the expression of a path: it is always the result of our competencies, aimed at meeting our customers’ tastes and needs. Every home is a unique story, where space is made of emotions and sensations accompanying the lives of those living there.