Luxury Classic Living Rooms


Luxury classic living room, inspired by the great styles of the past, modern technology

Our collections of luxury classic living rooms are designed to furnish the relaxation area of the house, making it cozy with the elegance represented by the various styles. Our production of luxury classic living rooms is enriched by the most refined hand-made finishes, combined with a wide selection of the best silk, velvet fabrics and trimming.

Drawing on the variety and the wide range of our classic collections, as well as on the experience gained throughout the years, we are able to furnish various spaces such as halls, entrance halls, waiting rooms, parlors and large rooms in villas and palaces. Our unique creations are ready to host the guests in a comfortable, welcoming and elegant space.

Bellotti Ezio luxury classic living rooms take inspiration from the great styles of the past, i.e from Baroque, characterized by carvings and gold-platings, to Louis XV style, inspired by natural forms, with curved lines and asymmetric compositions and Louis XVI, characterized by classic, elegant lines.

Example of luxury classic living room

Art. 4960 – Classic living room with lacquered, polished polychrome and silver shellac finishing, upholstered with elegant and refined lampasses

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Small table for luxury classic living room

Art. 4963 – Round living room small table with wooden surfaces, carved legs and lacquered, polished polychrome and silver shellac finishing

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Armchair for classic living room

Art. 3699 – Luxury classic carved armchair, lacquered, polychrome and silver shellac polished and velvet upholstered

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Classic Baroque living room

Art. 4860 – Classic Baroque living room for a luxury space, upholstered in silk fabrics, provided with small tables with onyx top

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luxury sofa

Art. 4915 – Luxury sofa upholstered with precious fabrics

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Classic curved sofa

Art. 4850 – Classic curved sofa with carvings, upholstered in silk fabrics

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Luigi-XVI sofa

Art. 4743 – Classic Louis XVI sofa with carvings

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Luigi-XV sofa

Art. 4462 – Louis XV sofa with walnut and gold finishes

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classic luxury sofa

Art. 4900 – Furniture for elegant living room for a luxury living space

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The styles of our luxury classic living rooms

The Baroque style is easily recognizable by its sumptuousness: it is characterized by precious carvings, carried out by our craftsmen. The Baroque style is ideal for furnishing large living rooms, recreating, with the help of fabrics and finishes, unique living spaces evoking the atmospheres and the lives of the sovereigns and haute bourgeoisies of that time.

The Louis XVI style, with its straight and simple lines, is part of our production, too. Its finishes include lacquers with handmade decorations, as well as silver and gold finishes. The always very thorough selection of the fabrics for accompanies the style of the living room.

Our classic and curved upholstered sofas furnish custom-made living spaces, personalizing them according to the Customer’s specific requirements. The selection of fabrics with all their colours and patterns, along with the decorative cushions at times enhanced by refined laces and trimmings help to make the living space even more unique.

Every single style is completed by side or centre table with different sizes. Thanks to our constant search for the best suppliers, in addition to the usual wooden tops, we are also able to carry out different kinds of marble tops, including top quality onyx.