Furniture Accessories

Furniture accessories, precious details making every space original

Our luxury furniture accessories have been created to give a touch of class and originality to the various spaces of the house. Our reproductions of classic furniture fit perfectly in halls and large rooms. The gold leaf plated surfaces, the silver-plating and the fully handmade ornaments play a primary role and express the elegance and the charm of furniture which will increase in value over time.

The inlays carried out by our skilled craftsmen make our console tables, as well as many other pieces of furniture accessories, completely handmade pieces, which can be easily placed in any kind of space, making it elegant and unique. Precious marbles, onyxes and alabasters contribute to embellishing our luxury furniture.

The sophisticated inlays, expression of the finest made in Italy art of cabinetmaking, enrich our creations making them stylish and unique.

Accessories - Onyx top classic side tables

Art. 4825 – Luxury side table with richly carved base and yellow onyx top

furniture accessoriea - vase holder sculptures

Art. 4655 – Column with elegant walnut carved vases

accessories furniture - hall side table

Art. 5804 – Small inlaid entry hall table with wonderful colours and mother-of-pearl inlays

Furniture accessories - Inlaid Antique Baroque cabinet

Art. 5835 – Reproduction of the Antique Baroque cabinet, the original of which is exposed at the National Museum in Warsaw

furniture accessories - entrance hall dressing table

Art. 5812 – Classic carved dressing table with gold finishing on all four sides

Furniture accessories - inlaid chest of drawers

Art. 5836 – Dutch antique chest of drawers with kingwood inlays

Lacquered furniture

Art. 5786 – Lacquered furniture for hall, with handmade decorations carried out by skilled craftsmen

luxury rosewood chest of drawers

Art. 5234 – Reproduction of the luxury rosewood chest of drawers, with bronze finishing, by the famous French cabinetmaker C. CRESSENT, with France red marble top, carved console table

Important consolle table

Art. 5745 – Important console table with carved dressing table, with antique silver finish and black and gold marble top for a luxury space

gold finishing consolle table

Art. 5810 – Consolle table with carved dressing table, antique gold finishing, with black and gold marble top, Baroque style for prestigious spaces

cabinet with writing desk

Art. 5801 – Magnificent cabinet with writing desk style “David Roentgen”, with inlays and bronze, equipped with mechanic clock and bronze statue

laquered cabinet

Art. 5795 – Reproduction of a 17th century piece of furniture, produced for Louis XIV, lacquered with golden carvings, inlaid panels and precious marbles


The details of our furniture accessories

The luxury cabinets we reproduce perfectly looking like the originals and in every detail, hide numerous secrets, which remain invisible at the opening the shutters. Hidden compartments, very useful to store and keep precious objects or documents, show up pressing a button or turning a key and often represent historic scenes in miniature, created with inlays of precious wood. They resemble theatre plays, so unique to be watched in their habitat. The creation of these pieces shows all our craftsmen’s mastery and skill.

These single furniture accessories, along with the smaller pieces of furniture or simple sculptures like the vase-holder columns, can enrich elegantly even the most modern houses, giving a touch of class and elegance to the living space.