Elegant office furniture

Selection of elegant office furniture


High-quality materials, such as briarwood and inlays, are the key elements we skilfully use to create our collections of elegant office furniture.

Elegant Office furniture - Writing desk

Art. 2187 – Classic elegant writing desk with glazing gold and black cherry finishing, embellished with geometrical inlays and laterally carved columns resembling the rhombus pattern on the inlaid panels. Top with leather inserts. Style and high-quality materials to offer our customers different solutions to furnish the working or meeting spaces with luxury elements.

example - elegant office furniture

Art. 2186 – Detail of the glazing gold and black cherry elegant classic bookcase. The crystal doors on the upper side alternate to the inlaid wooden doors on the lower one, perfect to keep the most confidential documents. The laterally carved columns create a continuity between a possible wood panelling and a writing desk of the same collection.

Selection of elegant office furniture

Art. 1910 – Elegant walnut office with cherry finishing and wood panelling elements. The writing desk is in full harmony with the office and is provided with leather top, carved swivel and tilting armchair, leather-upholstered like the guest armchairs, to give a touch of elegance and luxury to the whole living space.

Bookcase with crystal doors

Art. 9554 – Bookcase with crystal doors and bespoke inlaid briarwood base, to furnish a large executive office room. The bookcase is built-in in a wood panelling and a wonderful inlaid door with carved elements, creating a welcoming, pleasant, sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.