Luxury wood panelling

Elegant luxury wood panelling


Luxury wood panelling looks particularly elegant when they are not only lacquered, but also decorated with high quality details.

Our panels, all handcrafted by our team of skilled decorators can be personalised, as particularly well represented by wood panelling Art. 9500 composed of various elements.

For our collection 9520, two kinds of materials and finishings have been chosen to create a bright living space, even using cherry wood essence.

Portals covered with the same essences make the different spaces perfectly harmonious.


Luxury wood panelling 1

Art. 9500 – Luxury wood panelling with lacquered hand-crafted decorated panels, with gold details for the classic bedroom walls.


Luxury wood panelling 2

Art. 9500 – Multi-level wood panelling enriching the final result by means of a real sense of depth.

Luxury wood panelling 3

Art. 9530 – This prestigious wood panelling is created with an important bas relief and elegant gold leaf decorative friezes completing and enriching the final effect. This room is also characterised by a classic coffered ceiling perfectly integrated with the wood panelling.


Luxury wood panelling 4

Art. 9520 – Cherry wood panelling with lacquered and decorated panels. The polychromy obtained using two different materials and finishings allows a final result, magnifying and enlightening the room space.

Luxury for every kind of living space

With our luxury wood panelling we can furnish every kind of living spaces, not necessarily villas or large rooms.

Sober and simple wood panelling are perfect for small rooms.

Light lacquering makes the living space bright and with our collection of simple luxury wood panelling even small flats can be furnished with style.

Our wood panelling can be produced in every requested height; we can even opt for an up to 90 cm. wall covering completing it with pilaster strips or ceiling frames to resemble the panelling style, thus creating luxury and elegant living spaces.