Wood Ceilings


Luxury wood ceilings


Bellotti Ezio wood ceilings are essential elements to complete every room, making your home really unique.



wood panelled ceiling

Art. 890 – Panelled ceiling created in bas-relief, in connection to collection 890 with carved details recalling the panelling.


wood ceilings

Art. 2260 – Detail of the ceiling and wood panelling, with mother-of-pearl inlays and insertions for an extremely elegant space.


Art. 2260 – Detail of the ceiling, with mother-of-pearl inlays and insertions and honey with silver glazed finishing.


example of wood ceiling

Art. 1900 – Lacquered ceiling with central frieze, collection 1900; the selected finishing makes the living space particularly bright.

Essences, carvings and inlays of our wood ceilings

The wood panelling created on the walls are normally completed by the wood covering of the ceiling, which is thus included in a room giving an idea of continuity, with the same style as the wood panelling with a harmonious, elegant and luxury result.

The customer can opt for a bas-relief panelled decoration, with carved details, or choose among the various essences, worked with different kinds of inlays.

The final result is a living space expressing unique and extremely personal sensations and emotionse.