Elegant Writing Desk with Bookcase and Airchair

Elegant writing desk with matching bookcase and armchairs for exclusive living spaces


Small selection of furniture for executive offices, including an elegant writing desk with bookcase and armchairs. The choice of the different essences and finishings is the result of a thorough selection aimed at creating a refined and extremely elegant living space.


example -Elegant writing desk

Art. 2035 – Classic elegant inlaid walnut-finished writing desk with gold leaf details writing desk. The sophisticated inlay is reproduced both on the whole top and on the sides. Combined with a lacquered, hand-decorated bookcase, it outstands for the warm colour of its walnut finishing and of the gold-black edge.


Classic office swivel armchair

Art. 2034 – Classic office swivel armchair with tilting mechanism, making it not only elegant and refined, but also extremely comfortable. The glazing walnut finishing with gold leaf details matches perfectly with writing desk Art. 2035. The white leather cover gives the work space a touch of luxury and elegance.

classic elegant bookcase

Art. 2027 – Luxury classic lacquered and decorated bookcase. The flower patterns are all hand painted by skilled decorators, able to create personalized decorations according to the most different tastes.  The choice of soft colours creates a pleasant and comfortable, but at the same time extremely elegant and refined, living space.

classic elegant writing desk

Art. 2029 – Classic writing desk with wooden top and lacquered, decorated finishing accompanying the bookcase Art.2025, creating a harmonious living space. The decorations on the front, on the side and in the inner part, are all hand painted to create wholly luxury and sophisticated furnishing elements.