Classic Dining Rooms

 Louis XV, Louis XVI, Charles X, Empire, Maggiolini and Deco style classic dining rooms

Our classic dining rooms in style Louis XV, Louis XVI, Charles X, Empire, Maggiolini and Deco are only some examples of luxury dining rooms. Over the past centuries the furniture produced according to these styles have  furnished the most beautiful Italian and European houses. Thanks to our consolidated experience and our craftsmen’s expertise, our dining rooms continue to live in our customers’ houses, as well as in the most prestigious buildings.

Only our most expert craftsmen are able to create such masterpieces, which, with the most adequate types of wood, combined with inlays and carving, reproduce the magic and re-create in our rooms the unique atmosphere and warmth belonging to the past.

A classic Maggiolini style dining room is an example of finest cabinetmaking art, it reproduces accurately the “Maggiolini” style, it is decorated with high quality inlays, which make it unique. It is an essential element which gives importance and elegance to the dining room.

Chestnut burl wood furniture example

Art.1430 – Chestnut burl wood piece of furniture for classic dining room, with mother-of-pearl inlays and shellac finish

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briarwood glass showcase example - CLASSIC DINING ROOM

Art.1432 – Chestnut burl wood and mother-of-pearl inlaid 1-door glass showcase with gold-finished brass cross element on the base

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head of table dining chair - FOR CLASSIC DINING ROOM

Art.1438 – Elegant classic chair completing the dining room with the head of table dining chair

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Maggiolini style sideboard

Art. 1301 – Prestigious Maggiolini style sideboard with fabulous artisan-made inlays

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Charles X piece of furniture

Art. 1141 – Classic Charles X piece of furniture, inlaid with elegant golden line

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Louis XVI style glass display cabinet

Art. 1244 – Louis XVI style glass display cabinet, lacquered and hand painted

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Rosewood dining table

Art. 1070 – Rosewood dining table with inlays

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elegant dining room

Art. 1071 – Luxury briarwood and rosewood dining room with inlays

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Elegant living room with inlaid sideboard

Art. 1260 – Dining room, Sycamore frisè wood with inlays

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From mass production to custom-made creations

Several years ago production was limited to mass production, i.e., our customers used to choose our articles from catalogues with the finishes and fabric indicated there. Classic dining rooms, along with tables and chairs were produced exactly according to the dimensions specified in the catalogue. Nowadays the requirements have changed, most of our production is custom-made and even the single dining table or kitchen chest are reproduced in different size, to be adapted harmonically to different spaces.

We propose various kinds of finishes, from shiny bright to satin, while lacquering are carried out in all RAL colours, from glossy lacquered or with hand-made decorations. This procedure allows to obtain a final product which is an eternal masterpiece, able to live through the decades without any kind of problem. It is also possible to choose particular decorations which are masterfully carried out by the expert hands of our woodworkers, woodcarvers or inlayers.

Our year-long experience allows us to help our Customer to choose the right style or the proper type of pieces, illustrating the various kinds of wood and finishes. Kitchen chests and glass showcases are made to host the most precious sets and tables to gather families and friends.

Bellotti Ezio classic dining rooms change their function according to the specific needs: they can become protagonist of large banqueting rooms, with big classic tables to host a lot of guests in occasion of very important meetings and conferences.

Finishes are among the most important elements and are exclusively hand-made, while the decorations are carried out by experienced craftsmen.